About John.

Throughout my career, I have cultivated a reputation for being a reliable, approachable professional and a tenacious problem solver.

I build website solutions for businesses and nonprofits, specialize in WordPress, and partner with other creative professionals who want to make their clients happy. Each project is approached as an opportunity to bring together a collaborative cooperative of talent to give clients just what is needed to make their website shine. I have a keen interest in how technology can make positive changes in the world, and specifically how people use the web to bring awareness to social issues and build stronger communities.

When I’m not working in my slippers, I am laughing with family and friends, supporting the Twin Cities music scene, singing my heart out, and noodling on various instruments. I love music, travel, architecture, and history.

John Visser
John Visser

I don’t like leaving clients in the dark — I’m all about educating and presenting solutions in a way that empowers them so they’re feeling confident during the decision-making process.

Minneapolis designer, Dan Woychick, and I talk about psychology, music, and WordPress.

The single largest mistake I’ve seen is the notion that after a website is launched, the work is done. That 'set and forget' practice is fine for your thermostat, but not for a website.

5 by 5 Design asked for my thoughts on what to consider when refreshing/updating your website.

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