John Visser

Website maker. Ukulele strummer. Easily amused.

Throughout my 20-year career of planning and building websites, I have cultivated a reputation for being a reliable, approachable professional and a tenacious problem solver.

In addition to creating digital solutions for small & mid-sized businesses and nonprofits, I collaborate with design and marketing professionals to help make and keep their clients happy. I have a keen interest in how people use web technologies and enjoy getting involved in innovative ventures that can improve people’s lives and their communities.

When I’m not working in my slippers, I am laughing with family and friends, strumming a ukulele, singing my heart out, taking pictures, scribbling words, or home roasting coffee. I also have interests in travel, psychology, architecture, and forensic anthropology.

A native of Seattle, I had the good fortune of spending four years in Portugal where I soaked in the history and culture, sipped vinho verde, and gazed at the ocean while enjoying trying to avoid the crowded beaches.

I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

People say the nicest things:

Show and tell

It’s not always easy showing the work of a UI developer since so much of the razzle-dazzle is quietly hiding beneath the surface. Being good at my job means taking the wireframes and assets I’m given and crafting a website that looks as intended and works across all browsers and devices.

Here are some examples of projects I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating on.

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