John Visser

UI developer. Ukulele strummer. Coffee roaster. Nature lover. Easily amused.

Throughout my career of over 20 years, I have built a reputation for being an approachable professional and a tenacious problem solver. An experienced front-end developer with a knack for intuitive design, I love creating digital solutions for small & mid-sized businesses and nonprofits. I also collaborate with design and marketing agencies by helping them with their projects and making their clients happy. I have a keen interest in how people use web technologies, and enjoy getting involved in innovative ventures that can improve people’s lives.

When I’m not working in my slippers, I can be seen with family and friends, strumming a ukulele, roasting coffee, taking pictures, enjoying nature, scribbling words, and inventing new ways to include bacon in my cooking (though rarely all at the same time). I also have interests in music, travel, architecture, psychology, and forensic anthropology.

A Seattle native, I had the pleasure of spending four years in Portugal, living the local life, soaking in the history, drinking vinho verde, and gazing at the ocean while enjoying trying to avoid the beaches.

I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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Show and tell...

It’s not always easy showing off a developer’s work, since much of the razzle-dazzle is hidden beneath the surface. Part of being a good developer means taking the wireframes, mockups, and assets you’re given, and using them to craft a well-designed and functional website.

Here are some examples of projects I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating on.

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